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The Planetary Exploration Instrumentation Laboratory is routinely looking for qualified Postdoctoral Fellows, Graduate Students and Undergraduate Students. Applications can be made at any time.

It is advisable but not necessary to discuss opportunities with potential supervisors prior to applying.  Details of the application process may be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies site.  Applications to work in the Planetary Exploration Instrumentation Laboratory can be made through the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering in the Lassonde School of Engineering or through the Department of Physics and Astronomy in the Faculty of Science.

The NSERC CREATE program led by the University of Western Ontario lets Engineers and scientists train and work side-by-side. Unique opportunities for sharing expertise within and among institutions are provided by means of short courses, interdisciplinary co-supervision of students, Liveclassroom software, internships and fieldwork. Our goal is to prepare Canadian trainees to enter the fields of planetary science, robotic engineering, economic geology and instrumentation development by taking advantage of unique resources and expertise found in Canada and around the world.  Please check the website for application deadlines as well as additional detail.

Dr. Daly is the instrumentation theme lead for this CREATE program.

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